In 2005, Danny Way did the unthinkable, jumping the Great Wall of China on his skateboard.

This epic achievement not only raised the profile of the Danny Way and the brands involved but effectively changed the profile of skateboarding across the globe into a legitimate athletic pursuit.

Carrying a speed up to 55 mph, Way rode down a 65-foot-high ramp, soared 70 feet over a section of the wall and landed on the other side, where he immediately went down a 40-foot-high landing ramp, then shot up a 30-foot-high quarter pipe.

This massive event involved delivering the creative concept and advertising campaign, merchandise, coordinating with local suppliers and providing a multimedia portal to broadcast this epic moment in a digital era where YouTube didn’t exist.

The ‘look and feel’ had to appeal to the considerable demands of various cultural and corporate sensitivities while connecting with the athlete’s style.