Turning a 30-second ad into a 3-minute brand experience. Stealing attention from everyone's ads except ours.

Car brands are the second biggest advertisers on Australian TV. That’s a whole lot of cars. So, how do you stand out and steal attention from everyone’s ads except yours? You hijack the entire ad break.

We booked the first spot in prime-time commercial breaks. The ‘Golf Adbreak Championships’ pushed viewers to scan a QR code that launched a live racing event for the exact length of the ad break. So while we were entertaining viewers, our competitors’ ads were being completely ignored.

Players could use the game to customise their car, explore new features, practise on custom tracks and even book a test drive for real.


Cannes Lions – Gold & Bronze
D&AD – Graphite, Wood & 3 in-book
Spikes – 1 Grand Prix, Gold & Silver
AWARD – 6 Gold, 6 Silver & 6 Bronze
Caples – 2 Gold, Bronze & Highly Commended Best in Show
One Show – 1 Bronze